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Portal to Love, a contemporary paranormal romance adventure, is a quest for life’s magical intangibles mingled with passions and desires.

Langley is a metaphysician and heiress to an international shipping company. Peter is an executive with sociopath tendencies and Ivan is an archeologist who follows a stellar pattern to a unique excavation site on the border of Iraq and Iran. Intimately entangled by the web of fate, the three race with the elements of nature to shift the prevailing energies of good and evil.

Covert operations and individual interests in Ivan’s archeological site cause the characters to move between continents vying for the secret cache albeit different for each person. Suspicion mounting around the bizarre actions, the military’s undisclosed agenda intervenes.

Capitalizing on Langley’s unique metaphysical abilities, the British SAS paranormal unit tightens the net forcing exposure on all fronts. The final event of the trio confirms that even with the most sophisticated battle equipment sometimes the primitive weapon wins the war.

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Portal to Peace
The newest book by Julie A. Carda. 

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Monetary donations for the PDF book, Portal to Peace, go to the development of Kin Domains and will be distributed in equal parts to the author's Kin Domain, the South Dakota Eco-Village Kin Domain, and the global eco-village Center for Alternative Energy (Wales). Find out more about the inspiration for Kin Domains at:


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